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Perfect for drink glasses or icing down food or soda cans in your favorite ice chest.  Manufactured by Reddy Ice and distributed by Ice Cold Ice.

10, 20, and 40 Pound Bags of Premium Cocktail Ice 


10 Pound Pressed Block Ice


Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 10"

Block ice melts slower than crushed ice because it has less surface area per amount of volume. If you want ice to last and don't care how fast it cools your can drinks, then go with the block ice. If you want to get serious about it you could always get some dry ice.

Block Ice Delivery

Ice Cold Ice only delivers our 10 pound ice blocks, please call 713-963-8282 for more information.


Dry Ice (50 pound minimum delivery only)

Ice Cold Ice offers dry ice delivery to anywhere in our regular delivery area Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM. You can check our products page for a description of our regular deliver area.

Dry Ice Information

Dry Ice is pure, solid carbon dioxide (CO2). As a gas carbon dioxide exists naturally in our environment. To make dry ice, gaseous CO2 is first pressurized and refrigerated to form liquid CO2 and then liquid CO2 is allowed to expand in an atmospheric chamber where it yields solid "snow like" CO2 and vapor CO2. The "snow" is then hydraulically pressed into dry ice blocks and pellets. Dry ice is -109 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be handled with gloves.


Dry Ice and Recreation: Camping, Hunting and Fishing
Place dry ice in the bottom of your cooler, cover it completely with regular ice. Continue to pack your cooler as usual with food and beverages. The cooler will keep items cold for 3-4 days. Prevent spoilage of game. Pack your game animal or fish in dry ice to insure no spoilage (Do not allow direct contact of the trophy with dry ice, it may cause superficial damage.)

Dry Ice & Frozen Foods:
No need to rush home after purchasing frozen foods if you pack your ice cream and other frozen items with dry ice. Ship frozen items with dry ice to ensure food will remain frozen.

Dry Ice & Power Outages:
Estimate lbs. of frozen foods in freezer utilizing 1 lb. of dry ice per lb. of food to maintain temperature for approximately 45 hours.