Snow Parties


Snow parties are one of the many specialized services Ice Cold Ice offers to both residential and commercial clients. Our state of the art snow making equipment can quickly and convincingly transform your home into an enchanted winter wonderland. We provide snow making services for everything from birthday parties and Christmas parties to commercial and motion picture shoots.

For more information about snow parties please call 713-963-8282


Ice Cold Ice Snow Ice Price Sheet

*Snow thickness is approximately 6 inches to 12 inches*


Snow Amount  Number of Bags  Area Size  Total Price 
 6,000 Ibs. 150  15x20  $1,050.00 
 12,000 Ibs. 300  20x30  $2,100.00 
 18,000 Ibs. 450  30x30  $3,150.00 
 24,000 Ibs. 600  30x40  $3,900.00 
 32,000 Ibs. 800  40x40  $4,800.00 

Delivery charge may apply for deliveries in our expanded delivery area. See products page for regular and expanded delivery area.

Price does not include tax.